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blah blah blah. ive been hearing a lot about setting your priorities and how you need to grow up and be responsible. im in school. im working. i think thats what im supposed to be doing and its really pissing me off a lot that im still constantly getting shit from my stupid ass parents. i think im going to win the lottery, it just seems easier that way.



p.s. this is random but there is this girl that i work with, her name is heather. she is nice and everything but for some reason unbeknownst to me.....she drives me fucking crazy. im not kidding i am in a state of constant annoyance whenever im within 15 ft of her. i.e. her jokes all suck and like you know the way youd have a casual conversation with someone maybe throw in some witty banter, yeah well she'll try throwing in something and i'll be like blahhhh die. i dont understand it at all, its like shes trying so hard to be like i dunno "cool". i feel bad but its completely overshadowed by how constantly annoyed i am. thats what really grinds my gears.

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